Fossilized (feat. Stephen Geisler)

Fossilized (feat. Stephen Geisler)

Released July 29, 2022


Track List

Fossilized (feat. Stephen Geisler)
I’m losing my direction
Lost the plot line

it’s been a slow regression 
now i’m not fine 

I lie awake at night and 
Sleepwalk when morning light hits 

Won’t melt the ice inside my brain

just wish i could see straight 
I try
to clear my blurry vision

And i’ve 
Been carrying this weight
So long that my heart feels fossilized

Dream after dream that’s predicting my doom
Slow demise

Don’t slip on ice when you walk in my room
Cold as ice

How can i try when i’m so removed
And sinking deeper 

Pressure and time have been taking their toll

And i don’t know what i feel
And i don’t know what is real 
And i’m struggling just to hold on 
Cause my heart never was steel 

And i can’t go to sleep
Cause i’ll suffocate in my dreams

The smoke in the air gets thicker 
And it’s hard to breathe

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