I'm Okay

I'm Okay

Released August 05, 2022

Jack Shore Jack Shore
Michael Shynes Michael Shynes

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I'm Okay
Jack Shore, Michael Shynes
Standing right in front of me you used to be someone to me 
Who took all of my energy and had some infidelities
The real estate inside my head you took is never coming back
But you said that it wasn’t personal 

And every time you lied to me its like I didn’t want to see
Cause I thought you were beautiful and beauty doesn’t want to be 
Mischievous and devious and set a fire unto us
But you were never beautiful at all

I wasn’t fine to begin with
Walked all those lines to begin with 
But you forced me to work on myself 
Because you put me through hell
I guess I should thank you for that
I’m OK, but it was a real close call
It went from a walk to a crawl 
Had to tear down the Berlin Wall
I was panicking panicking but
Hey, I guess that I survived you
And that shit was hard to do 
I’ve had every shade of the blues
Since I met you 

I think that I am over it but then I see you out again
Laughing with a group of friends there he is you’re holding hands 
Makes me feel pathetic and a little bit erratic
So I drink til I can’t stand 

And you know I won’t confront you
Even though its all I wanna do
Probably best to just ignore it
Both impossible and true 

She loves me she loves me not the petals hit the floor
And when you get is what you got when you can’t pull no more 

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